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WordPress themes need thumbnails in different sizes and they even let the user
to change those dimensions. But WordPress has a problem: it does not regenerates
the thumbnails when new sizes are registered.

Thumbnails intercepts the request by themes or plugins to WordPress to get a
specific thumbnail, generates it and caches it on disk. Efficiently,
it produces a perfectly cropped image, with the right dimension avoiding
unpleasant stretching.

Thumbnails does not modify your blog or your media library. When deactivated
the blog returns to its old behavior.

The second important feature is the autoselection of featured image for post which
are missing it. You can choose between the on the fly selection without persist it
or, for better performances, to persist it once selected.

Read the миниатюрами official page
for detailed information.

Theme developers can find instructions to use it (no code tied to Thumbnails
needs to be written!).

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